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    We are Brooke and Eric, husband and wife, the photographers, the passionate and fun loving team, the BE in Be Creative! Our job is to document the happiest moments of peoples lives. The purpose of this blog is to share some of our favorite images and acknowledge the wonderful people we get to meet. Eric was named one of the top photographers in the world by the WPJA and Brooke is also an international award-winner. But most importantly we love what we do, the people we get to know, and we hope it shows through our work. This blog is brand spanking new as of 2010. We have many years of work cataloged on our old blog too so please go take a peak.

Happy New Year

Hello Everyone!

We are back to work today after a very necessary little holiday. We spent some time with our families and then headed up to the Adirondacks for a beautiful, winter oasis. We feel so refreshed!

So far we are loving 2009 and we hope you are too. We wanted to share our very favorite Hanukah/Christmas gift of the year. The FLIP! Thanks to Wendy and Eric’s Dad for giving it to us. It is the most fabulous little digital video camera, smaller than an iphone, and so incredibly easy to view the videos. We took this clip of Maggie in the snow before we left for our vacation in the Adirondacks. It took less than two minutes to upload it to YouTube and post it here.

Wouldn’t you believe that we left the FLIP on our kitchen table accidentally when we left for our trip !gasp! We were so upset.

Enjoy this little clip of the Magster loving the snow. My dad pointed out that she is such a happy dog, she’d enjoy being in a box if we put her in one.

Happy New Year to you all.

Brooke and Eric

Chung Nguyen - Maggie is super adorable (and yeah, oh so happy-go-lucky, too)!

Danielle and Todd’s Wedding – FEAST at Round Hill House

We photographed the incredible wedding of Danielle and Todd recently.  Both of them were Eric’s high school classmates but it was a complete coincidence that they found us.  I love how weddings reunite friends and family – and we are thrilled to have reconnected with them.  And therefore totally bummed that they moved to Portland recently.  What a tease, we had so much fun with you guys.  Below is a photo of The Round Hill House, on a completely sopping wet, rainy day it was still beautiful.  And the photographic opportunities were plenty.

Danielle did a fabulous job coordinating a color palette to work with the classic decor of the Round Hill House.

This is a shot of Danielle and her sister heading down the stairs for Danielle and Todd’s first meeting and photo session.

We staged the bride and groom’s meeting on the front porch because we had shelter from the rain.  I love how happy they both are here.  

Even though it was raining we were able to use the covering of the porch and still have the beautiful gardens in the backdrop.

This is Todd’s Dad, Todd, and his brother Chris.  They had perfect attitudes for casual family shots.  So fun.  Eric has known Todd and his family for many, many years.  Todd is the cousin of one of Eric’s best friends Mike – these guys group up together so it was special for us to be a part of their big day.

I love this picture that Eric shot during a prayer.

Chris is such a jokester and this move took it to the next level.  When it was time to hand over the rings, Chris acted like he couldn’t find them.  He had the look of sheer panic on his face.  He turned to Mike (Eric’s friend and Todd’s cousin) and asked if he had them.  It was such a tense moment, the crowd may have even gasped.  Alas, Chris retrieved the rings safe and sound from his pocket and everyone got a good laugh.

After the ceremony the rain stopped for a little while and we were able to get some shots of Danielle and Todd in the beautiful gardens.

Danielle and her sister preparing for her big entrance.

The entrance!  And time to party.

Eric and I just love this shot.  Can you believe how much Todd and Chris look a like?

Everyone from Ramapo High School was called out for a group photo.  Eric is third in on the right.

Everyone got really funky on the dance floor.

Father and Daughter dance.

Walk Like an Egyptian brought out the best in everyone, especially our buddy Mike.

Congratulations to Danielle and Todd on their marriage and the new house.  We had so much fun with you and can’t wait to design your album!

Best Wishes from Brooke and Eric Lagstein

Joseph Bayot - Wow it is kind of eerie how much they look alike.

I love the simplicity of all these pictures. No tricky post processing or gimmicky techniques: just really solid, beautiful photos.

Anonymous - brooke and eric, thank you for doing such an amazing job of capturing all the memories of that day! i was speechless when i saw your gallery of pictures, and you picked some of my favorite for your blog. brooke, your captions are great! thanks again for helping make that day so wonderful! ~natalie (aka, the MOH)

Sneak Peek from Oheka Castle, Roundhill House, NJ Kids, and more…

Hello Everyone,

We are in the midst of our busiest, craziest, most productive, and fun holiday season ever. Our blog has unfortunately taken a back seat to the upcoming holiday deadlines we are facing. The life of a photographer in December is pretty much insanity, I’m sitting at this computer working on images all day and night – taking small breaks here and there to eat, stretch, get coffee, and to talk to my hubby who is doing much of the same as me. It’s kinda like tax time for an accountant 🙂

I managed to grab a whole bunch of photos from various weddings and photo shoots of late. I picked these images totally at random because they happened to be easily accessible and already enhanced. There is more to come of each of these events. But for now, at least you can see a dose of what we’ve been up to the last few months.

The beautiful bride Crystal photographed at the Oheka Castle.

A portrait of Crystal and Chang taken by Eric.

Another beautiful shot taken by Eric.

Brooke’s photo of Colleen and Kevin post ceremony.

My dear friend Tina and her hubby Nick.

A portrait of Danielle taken at the Round Hill House.

Sam and his dad taken by Brooke – right next door haha.

Jocelyn the cutest little cutie pie taken by Eric at Fairleigh Dickenson.

Parker and his sister Natasha!

One of our new favorite locations to shoot at is the Celery Farm in Allendale, NJ. Kirsten is just too much! We went on a nature walk and she was so excited to find as much nature as she possibly could, as if nature was a thing or a lot of things. She’d find a leaf and see ooooh look at this, it’s purple nature. Isn’t that just the cutest thing?

And little Ava playing ball with Eric.

Enjoy and we’ll do our best to keep the blog updated during this crazy, busy holiday season.

Jenny Jimenez - You mean I wasn’t the only one going out of her mind this month? phew! I’m still trying to wrap stuff up. Barely have the energy to stay up till the New Year.

Your images of Crystal are incredible, btw. Their clarity go well with her name. They look familiar – have you entered these in any contests?

Kathryn & Daryl’s Toronto Wedding

Kathryn has been a dear friend of mine since we were 11 years old. After high school she moved to Toronto but we’ve always managed to keep in touch. Not as much as either of us would like but enough to keep reminding each other of our friendship. I am so happy for her and Daryl and Eric and I were honored to photograph their wedding. I know Kathryn’s entire family so it was great to get to be with them all day. If I was just a regular sorta guest I wouldn’t have had the “back stage pass” so it was really special for me! I also have to mention that I chose this song for Kat and Daryl because it was their first dance song.

Here are the girls seeing the beautiful bride in her dress for the first time.

Kathryn and her mom, oooh I love this moment.

Kathryn is so beautiful!
THOSE EYES! These are not enhanced, I swear it.
I love this moment, Daryl wants to verify that his best man has the rings.

OH MY GOSH! The amount of cuteness in this photo is just too much. And the two boys here look so much like their dads it’s scary.

This is a great little sequence, Kathryn and her dad ready to go down the aisle and all the guests ready to see the bride. Love it. The ceremony was held at the Trinity College Chapel at the University of Toronto.

Seriously, how cute is she?

I think this photo is really special. Daryl’s parents are in the background. Kathryn and Daryl are so happy and staring at each other. And Kathryn’s parents are looking at each other. I just really can’t get enough of this one.

The University of Toronto has the most amazing nooks and crannies for taking wedding photos. Many, many, many movies are filmed on this campus. Tommy Boy, Mean Girls, and Good Will Hunting to name a few.

Haha, this is so Kathryn.

This too! Ok, done with that, where do we go next?

Kathryn’s bridesmaids were all INCREDIBLE. The girl below was so much fun and loooves the camera so I took full advantage of her willingness to strike a pose for me. The reception was held at the Design Exchange in Toronto. There was a fun art installation in the room where the cocktail hour was and this was one of the photos I grabbed.

Daryl and his mom – what a nice family.

This cake is very, very special. It was made by their friend in the picture below. Daryl is a fantastic chef so they have a lot of friends talented in the culinary arts.

Here is the cake diva and her soon to be hubby (also an amazing chef).

Kathryn is a dancer and it’s clear that her friends are too – the dance floor was awesome, totally entertaining.

See what I mean!!

The men enjoying a ciggy at the end of the night.

Kathryn, I love you and I am so happy for you and Daryl. Daryl is amazing! He is so nice and fun and you guys are just a perfect match. So congratulations to you both and thank you again for including us in your special day. We hope you enjoy all the photos and can’t wait to see you in December. I’ll miss you at our 10 Year High School reunion this weekend.

Brooke and Eric
Be Creative Photography

Anonymous - Great Photos! Can you find out where your friend Kathryn got her veil?? It is exactly what I am looking for and can't find anywhere!!! So happy to have stumbled across your blog while looking at Trinity College for my friend's upcoming wedding!!

Miriam & Neal’s Wedding – Ramsey Country Club

Congratulations to Miriam and Neal. Their wedding was at the Ramsey Country Club in Ramsey, NJ. Here are a few of our favorite images from their wedding day! This little guy had the most ginormous eyes we have ever seen.

The trees behind the ceremony created the most beautiful sunlit sparkle. We loved it.

Miriam and Neal are just so incredibly happy. I love this photo.

Beautiful day for the cocktail hour on the terrace.

A portrait in front of a crazy tree.

And this little guy was adorable too.

Their first dance.

The hora was a total hit at this wedding. This is Miriam’s dad right in the middle. And her brother and flower girl/niece to the left. She got such a kick out of this.

Neal’s parents loved it.

Miriam’s best friend is in the middle of the action here.

Thank you so much for asking us to photograph your wedding. We had a such a great time with both you and your families! Everyone was so kind to us and they all clearly love you guys! Neal – your friend Maggie misses you. Neal loves puppies and had Maggie in a trance with some good petting when they were here visiting. Looking forward to creating your album.

Brooke and Eric Lagstein
Be Creative Photography

Emmy & Elliott’s Wedding- 632 on the Hudson

Emmy and Elliott are our international couple of the year. They are living in Dubai and planned their entire wedding over the internet. They had a destination wedding in NYC. I am seriously impressed with Emmy and Elliott’s internet research skills – they found the most amazing venue (632 on the Hudson) and the coolest photographers! They had a fabulous day in September and they were surrounded by such wonderful friends and family from all around the world. For this post I decided to change things up a bit and try some new color post processing, hope you like it.

One excited bride ready to get hitched!

So many choices, what to do, what to eat on my wedding day?

It seemed like ages for Emmy while she waited for the ceremony to begin. I have so many shots of her looking up at this clock and tapping her gorgeous shoes on the floor.
Handsome groom Elliott! He was just so excited and such a sincere guy. Also, these two are so laid back – I loved it!

The ceremony was really sweet and I just loved the room it was in. The ceiling was endless and the staircase wrapped three floors around and up this space. Elliott’s brother officiated.

YAY! Congratualations newlywed.

This was taken on our way out the door to do some street photos.

They wanted a NYC feel to their images and while this is not a typical landmark location I love the cab and the whole idea that nobody is phased by anything in the city. The cab just drove around us and people just walked by and many shouted congratulations.

I love this smooch. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Baker Man for being in the most perfect spot at the most perfect time and for being so nosy.

Of course Emmy pulled off the cutest cake.

An emotional moment during speeches. I love this moment, love how Elliott is comforting Emmy. Such a sweetheart.

Their first dance.

Here is a little note we recently received from Emmy and Elliott. Subject line…


Dear Brooke and Eric,

I just wanted to write to you both and offer you the biggest thank you in the world. Our photographs are just beautiful. You are both such talented people and I really can’t thank you enough for just the most amazing job. You’ve captured our day so unbelievably well, all the laughter, tears and love – you can see it there, in every photo. I can honestly say, hand on my heart, I’ve never seen photos like it and I feel so privileged that you guys shot our wedding.

We will always remember our day with you so fondly – you guys – quite simply – rock.

Thank you so much for helping us to remember and relive the happiest day of our lives as it truly was.

Love Emmy

And I just want to say that meeting Emmy & Elliott was so wonderful. I love everything about you guys and we are so glad we had the chance to meet you. Thank you for finding us and choosing us and trusting us to capture your wedding day. We loved every minute.

Brooke and Eric Lagstein
Be Creative Photography

Emmeline - Thank you both – thats a gorgeous post and your comments are just the sweetest. We’ve been recommending you to everyone we know! and have passed on your details to another couple who are planning to get married in NY next year. I’m sure you’ll hear from them at some point!

Thanks again
Emmy xx

F a c e b o o k