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    We are Brooke and Eric, husband and wife, the photographers, the passionate and fun loving team, the BE in Be Creative! Our job is to document the happiest moments of peoples lives. The purpose of this blog is to share some of our favorite images and acknowledge the wonderful people we get to meet. Eric was named one of the top photographers in the world by the WPJA and Brooke is also an international award-winner. But most importantly we love what we do, the people we get to know, and we hope it shows through our work. This blog is brand spanking new as of 2010. We have many years of work cataloged on our old blog too so please go take a peak.

All About Babies – Welcome Grace!

Welcome, welcome little one. Say hello to baby Grace.

I photographed her on her 14th day of life. She was a sleepy, little peanut and still craving the warmth of mommies tummy. My solution, lay her ontop of mom and cover mom with a blanket. Worked like a charm! Although in this photo she was moved to comfy pillow.

Her proud parents John and Jen are in heaven. Thank you for having me photograph her guys! Grace is such a beautiful, little sweet heart. I can’t wait to watch her grow up.

Bubbles = Happiness

Happy Birthday to our niece Lauren who apparently looooves bubbles. If only bubbles made us all this happy! We had our family over yesterday for a combined Mother’s Day and Lauren’s Birthday celebration. Here are some pics that made us really happy.

This little one, she is such a character! She talks 100 miles per minute and every little word out of her mouth will bring a smile to your face.

Our present for Lauren was her Princess themed birthday party and this little bubble maker that cost me $12. Only the best $12 ever spent!

Of course we can’t leave out our beloved puppy Maggie. This was her first time seeing bubbles, so first she investigated…

then started to sniff them, but they were exploding on her nose.

Finially she learned the fun of trying to eat them instead.

Jenny J / PhotoJJ - this makes me smile inside.

our doggies have the same cut! simone became matted (it happened!) and we’re now on the buzz cut schedule. they’re overdue for a portrait session.

we also have the same color house (if that’s yours).

rachel - Ahh! the simplest things make them happy! For my almost-two-year-old niece, it’s my purse. Forget all her other toys!!! Beautiful pics! BTW, where did you get the bubble maker, I’d love to get one too!!!

Liz & Dean's Wedding – L'Escale Restaurant in the Delamar Hotel

We are so excited to kick off this years wedding season with a HUGE congratulations to Elizabeth and Dean. I have a good story here. They were referred to us by Samantha and Matt and hired us without meeting us in person, which sometimes happen. So my friend Julie and I went to the NY International Gift Fair. There are 1000’s of booths and 1000’s of people. While we were at a booth this lovely girl was telling us how she was getting married soon. Perfect opportunity for self promotion right? No way – I am way too shy and rarely speak up in these moments. But my friend Julie was all over it. She quickly shouted, sooo do you have a photographer? And the lovely girl says YES, Be Creative Photography. SAY WHAT? At first I was embarrassed because I thought, why don’t I recognize her? What a coincidence and fun little meet up right? I was so excited for their wedding!

Needless to say Elizabeth is beautiful. Below, her friend and amazingly talented makeup artist is doing her thing.

Love the strong lighting from behind.

She was so excited to have her dress on.

I guess I’ve been into the “serious” looking bridal portraits lately. I realize this is the 3rd one I’ve posted. We have tons of Liz laughing too but I just loved this profile that showcased her hair, earrings, and dress detail too.

It was a windy, windy day in Connecticut. Eric had fun with the guys before the ceremony started.

This is our signature wide angel shot, we love it and almost all of our couples request it.

I love this shot. It was taken through the rear view window of their getaway car.

The girls were FREEZING! They were troopers though and stepped outside where there was enough room to capture images of them all together.

After the chilly outdoor photo session we brought Liz and Dean inside the church to warm up. With our awesome 5D Mark II’s we were able to capture some really beautiful shots in the church – no lights or anything. Just the wee little bit of light coming in from the stained glass windows.

Dean was/is so sweet to Elizabeth. He really appreciates photography and was a wonderful subject to photograph and work with. We fed off of both of their enthusiasm.

Elizabeth’s dress was whimsical, nature inspired, and went perfectly with her vintage and wildflower wedding decor. I really wanted to capture some etheral, white-washed portraits of her. The church doors presented the perfect opportunity.

I love their flowers so much. The cluster of vintage vases, the color, and the Kolo signing books that doubled as table numbers. The Delmar Hotel was a perfect setting.

A few planned and some impromptu speeches by friends and family had the bride and groom cracking up! You should have heard Dean’s friends boasting about what a stand-up guy he is and then quickly cracking a joke about him. They were all so great.

Some of the girls captured by Eric.

I love this shot so much, they were in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by craziness in all directions. But they were so into each other, as if nobody else was around.

I love this woman – her happiness makes me melt!

Thank you so much Liz and Dean for choosing us to photograph your wedding. We had such a wonderful time and love your images! Your pictures are ready and waiting for you when you return from your honeymoon! Can’t wait to work on your album.

Brooke and Eric Lagstein
Be Creative Photography

Dress: Carolina Herrera
Florist: Gary Z of Stamford
Makeup: Piret Aava, Warren Tricomi Greenwich
Hair: Edita Evon, Warren Tricomi Greenwich

Anonymous - the bridesmaid dresses were from jcrew

Jackie Wonders :: photography blog - you guys rock my socks! that BW image of them in the church- WOW. so great.

Anonymous - These wedding pictures are beautiful, I was wondering two things? Where are the bridesmaid dresses from and where is the brides dress from?

thank you!

Sumita & Peter’s Wedding – The Estate at Florentine Gardens

Congratulations to Sumita and Peter! They were married at The Estate of Florentine Gardens in Rivervale, NJ. Their event blended their American and Indian cultures. Rich colors, beautiful jewels, flowers, candelight, music, dancing, love and joy.

It was freezing cold this night. We were able to do about 5 minutes of portraits outside. This is one of our favorites.

I love this one too.

The decor was beautiful. Deep reads and beatiful shades of white and gold.

Here is the families reaction to Sumita and Peter entering their reception. What a great crowd.

The parent dances were really sweet.

This was awesome! Totally unexpected for us – and for future couples if you know of anything crazy like this that will be happening on the dance floor let us know ahead of time. The more we know during pre-planning the better. Luckily we are always ready for anything. What a fantastic, colorful, fun idea.

An overhead shot of the infamous dance circle. I love colorful lighting too.

Thank you for everything! We had a blast and can’t wait to put your album together.

Brooke and Eric Lagstein
Be Creative Photography

rachel - Such a bright, colorful, and beautiful wedding! the bride is absolutely stunning!

kristel wyman - what a beautiful wedding!

Christine & Greg’s Wedding -Vanderbilt Mansion at Dowling College –

Vanderbilt Mansion is a beautiful location for photography. Beautiful location + awesome couple = fantastic day on the job! It was cold cold cold but with the sun shining and blue skies above, we were thrilled.

Christine is beautiful, happy, and loved every second of her engagement through her wedding. We would chat on facebook about wedding plans, or in the car, at our house – giddy with excitement.

Getting ready in the library.

I love this detail. I believe this broach is a family heirloom. I’m so glad that gold is back on the rise in fashion. I love beautiful, vintage pieces like this. I don’t have pierced ears so I love wearing all of my grandmother’s clip ons.

One of the precious flower girls.

Christine and Greg planned on having fall leaves as the backdrop of their ceremony through these windows. BUT – things don’t always work out the way you have planned. Shortly before their wedding they found out that the windows were going to be covered by an art installation; Light, More Light: by Bryan Whitney. I absolutely loved their response to this surprise, “Embracing the unexpected (and beautiful) seems like a good way to start our marriage!” I am so glad they didn’t change things around. These windows proved to be mystical, colorful, and beautiful in many ways.

They had a priest and rabbi duo for their ceremony. The ceremony was personal with a touch of humor, it was very special. Monsignor James Lisante and Rabbi Allen Block. For information contact Monsignor Jim at 516.505.7221

Here is one of our favorite portraits, we covered a lot of different backdrops but something about these black and whites really fits the bill.

Although there were many guests in a large mansion, the ambiance was intimate, relaxed, and personal.

Even though we were well passed the peak color of the fall season, they were blessed with a wonderful surprise of a lawn sprinkled with beautiful fall colors.

Bagpipers were the big surprise of the evening. Oh how I loved them so! I really just wanted to hug them. And then this little girl came onto the dance floor and did an irish jig which was clearly not planned. THEN – to top it all off the bagpipers started playing the Hora! And everyone burst out into their circle dance with the chairs and all. Not planned and quite possibly the first Hora executed by bagpipes. Awesome!

My favorite time of day, when everything glistens gold as the sun is sinking below the horizon. I thought it was a nice time to capture an outside-in-view.

Vanderbilt at night.

Christine and Greg, thank you so much for choosing Be Creative Photography. If you haven’t noticed already, we had a lot of fun creating your wedding images. Your excitement was infectious. Your album is going to be beautiful, colorful, fall inspired, and packed with love. Because that’s just who you are!

Brooke and Eric Lagstein
Be Creative Photography

Michelle - We just befriended the Gritmon's a year ago but these photos feel like George and I were there to celebrate. 🙂 Great couple to know and Josh couldn't be any cuter ♡M, G, & Lily Rue

Photography by Ava - These are beautiful images!

Jackie Wonders :: photography blog - you two are so talented! beautiful work once again.

tallgirl - FABULOUS!!! I love the pictures you chose, and if you ever choose to move WEST and if I ever get married… maybe we can do a deal!

As a friend of the bride, I loved the online pictures, and this blog entry was even BETTER with your comments. Thanks!!

Erika Jackson - They are all so fantastic. The one of the couple kissing with the yellow leaves falling around them really is magical. I love your work!!

Anonymous - Fantastic pictures. As the father of the bride, I am very eager to get an album.

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