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    We are Brooke and Eric, husband and wife, the photographers, the passionate and fun loving team, the BE in Be Creative! Our job is to document the happiest moments of peoples lives. The purpose of this blog is to share some of our favorite images and acknowledge the wonderful people we get to meet. Eric was named one of the top photographers in the world by the WPJA and Brooke is also an international award-winner. But most importantly we love what we do, the people we get to know, and we hope it shows through our work. This blog is brand spanking new as of 2010. We have many years of work cataloged on our old blog too so please go take a peak.

Karissa and Ken’s Wedding at the Venetian Yacht Club

Congratulations to Karissa and Ken. They were married at the Venetian Yacht Club in Babylon, NY. There wedding day was beautiful, although rain storms came in and out all day and night. These flower girls were too adorable and this whoopie cushion was not prompted by me.

I love all of the notes that are required for preparation. When nerves are running high we’ve seen notes like this, ribbons tied to the fingers, signs on doors, on car winshields, all very creative solutions for the forgetful.

A beautiful moment during the ceremony.

They are so happy and I bet thinking “can we kiss yet? can we kiss yet?”

This party was a lot of fun! Here is the groom and his friends.

Congratulations you guys. We are so happy for you and so happy you chose Be Creative Photography. Your album is going to be so wonderful!

Brooke and Eric Lagstein
Be Creative Photography

Andrea and Daniel’s Wedding at Locust Tree Restaurant In New Paltz

Congratulations to Andrea and Daniel! This is from way back in June! Agh – can you believe our horrible blogging?! It’s been a rough year for the blog but I will do my best to get back on track and up to date.

They were married in New Paltz which is near and dear to our hearts since we were married in that area as well. The Locust Tree Restaurant was the setting for both the ceremony and reception. They had clotheslines strung from tree to tree showcasing photos of them and this lovely design with their wedding date. I love the purple and green.

Andrea, the stunning bride.

At the same time I was taking the above picture Eric was a few blocks away snagging this shot of the groom Daniel. It’s scary how much we think a like.

A sweet kiss during their first meeting.

I love this photo. I may be partial to it because of my love of the forest and nature. But the natural path of the trees, the beautiful filtered light through the green leaves, and Andrea and Dan on the way to their ceremony – so cool.

Some of the beautiful details.

Eric spotted Andrea and Daniel having some quiet time right after the Ketubah signing.

All happiness for their first dance.

Daniel and his mom.

A great moment during the Hora.

I just love this portrait Eric captured, what a great group.

I spotted Dad having a moment during the speeches. This was when Daniel was giving a speech and talking about how wonderful his wife Andrea is (I must agree). Dad was so proud!

Congratulations guys. We love your album and can’t wait to see it in person. Speak with you soon.

Brooke and Eric
Be Creative Photography

Julie & Victor Engagement in Central Park

Julie and Victor’s e-session in Central Park was awesome. Our clients continually choose the Central Park Route – we always find a way to make everyone’s shoot different. We found nooks and crannies of our usual route that we had never noticed before. Like this little gem near Bethesda Terrace.

Eric took this shot while standing on a fallen down tree.

We love this location and always stop here. But we never get so lucky to have such a pedestrian free path.

This was taken under the arches of the Bethesda Terrace. There was a guy playing a guitar and it was so lovely and romantic.

On our way to Literary Walk we were able to hear the music from a concert being held in Central Park. We stopped to enjoy it and took the opportunity to use the beautiful sunset filtering through the trees. These two shots are my favorites!

I am currently working on a guest sign-in book for Julie and Victor’s wedding. I love the design! Again, I can’t wait to see this one in person.

Looking forward to your wedding in September!

Brooke and Eric Lagstein
Be Creative Photography

Anonymous - Lovely pictures!! They are an inspiration for me as I am practicing.

rachel - Beautiful sun, indeed! Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Amanda & Mike Engagement in Hoboken

We had a wonderful e-session with Amanda and Mike in Hoboken. They were so easy going and wonderful to work with. We cannot wait for their wedding! I’m currently working on an Engagement Session Album for them that is turning out to be beautiful and full of such variety. I can’t wait to see it in person.

Eric had us stop at this very unexpected little alley for a few shots. I loved the new location.

Such a happy couple!

The patina on the side of this garage was a perfect backdrop for them. They both have such beautiful, blue eyes.

I love this romantic moment. Mike is such a sweet heart.

This was after sunset on a little beach we found in Hoboken.

And of course we have a few with the New York skyline.

Amanda and Mike we are really looking forward to your wedding. We are so glad we had the opportunity to do this e-session before Mike left for school. We’ll speak with you soon.

Brooke and Eric
Be Creative Photography

Allison & Keith Engagement in Central Park

Allison and Keith’s wedding is coming up this falland we are so excited! We had a crazy few weeks of e-sessions having to be canceled over and over again because of rain. Luckily they held out for the nice weather. Central Park in the spring/early summer is amazing. Now they will have a 3 season set of images from Be Creative.

Such cuties.

We loved Allison’s blue dress and her awesome High Heel Cole Haan Nike Air’s. I gotta get me a pair of those.

Cathy (and David) - Love the one of them sitting at the table with the man walking by in the background. Great shot!

Marion & Bruno’s Wedding at The Waldorf Astoria

Marion and Bruno are two of the happiest people I have ever met. The entire day they were smiling ear to ear and laughing. They are two people that are such a joy to be around! It was no wonder that the Waldorf Astoria staff treated them like gold. Here is Marion getting all dolled up by the amazingly talented beauty team. I have to get their names for you because they were awesome.

Marion’s sister designed these gorgeous rings. I was so impressed and loved the engravings inside.

The bella bride! (had to throw that in there because Bruno’s family is Italian and the couple honeymooned in Italy)

Bruno getting his handsome on.

Eric having fun 🙂 No, not with the beer on a work day – the photo taking people.

Eric looooves shooting into window light and the glorious windows at the Waldorf were the perfect setting.

How cute are these siblings!

Marion on the way to the Ceremony, she cannot help but to smile. Everyone else is all serious trying to stick to the schedule and Marion just can’t stop smiling. It’s contagious, I was smiling all day too.

Love birds united!

Entering the reception they were just taken back by the moment. So much love and such a beautiful atmosphere.

Imagine walking through this reception and suddenly stopping dead in your tracks at the sound of the most beautiful Italian voice singing. Bruno’s dad took the mic quite a few times and his singing gave everyone goose bumps. What a voice! I love this shot, this duo is just awesome. The guitarist has no idea what words this man is singing but he will jam with him anyway.
Mother and daughter, same reaction to the same moment and same expression.

Congratulations to these love birds. We are so excited to work on your album and want to thank you for working so hard to get your images to us in the midst of all of your travels. We’ll be speaking with you soon.

Brooke and Eric
Be Creative Photography

rachel - beautiful! I love the mom and daughter synchronized expressions!!!

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