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    We are Brooke and Eric, husband and wife, the photographers, the passionate and fun loving team, the BE in Be Creative! Our job is to document the happiest moments of peoples lives. The purpose of this blog is to share some of our favorite images and acknowledge the wonderful people we get to meet. Eric was named one of the top photographers in the world by the WPJA and Brooke is also an international award-winner. But most importantly we love what we do, the people we get to know, and we hope it shows through our work. This blog is brand spanking new as of 2010. We have many years of work cataloged on our old blog too so please go take a peak.

Shari and Craig’s Wedding at Bayards in New York City

Congratulations to Shari and Craig and their new family!  It was no coincidence that Shari and I reconnected.  I used to work with her at Scholastic and while she knew about our business it wasn’t until she friended me on Facebook that we began discussing the possibility of us photographing her wedding.  They called on Valentines Day and hired us for their wedding March 7th!  I am so glad they decided to have us photograph their wedding.  Their event was filled with some of the nicest and most fun-loving people I have ever had the pleasure to be around.  Their wedding was also very unique in that they had many touching Jewish traditions that we do not get to see that often.  I absolutely love the traditions of a Jewish ceremony. The event took place at Bayards in New York City.  Bayards is on the most beautiful block surrounded by cobblestone streets and lovely cafes.  While the bride and her ladies were getting ready Eric took Craig and his daughters out for photos.  The lighting was perfect to simply walk along the streets and capture some touching moments.

Shari, along with her mom and sisters, got ready with all the excitement and anticipation that could only be found during pre-wedding celebrations.  I loved this moment when Shari peeked over her shoulder to admire her dress.

Shari and her mom busting with excitement.

We captured some lovely portraits of Shari taken before the ceremony. 

I swear that at every wedding I say that this bride is the happiest bride I’ve ever photographed.  It’s very true – but Shari had a smile on her face and sparkle in her eye that would warm your heart.  We’re so happy for her!

Eric is loving our new tilt shift lens so much that I haven’t even had a chance to try it yet, geesh, what a hog!  Here is one image he captured before the festivities began.  The Rabbi and Shari’s Dad are looking over the Ketubah.  Great job Eric!

The Bedeken is one aspect of a Jewish ceremony that we only get to see a couple times a year.  I am the worst at translating these traditions so please excuse my description.  You can google Bedeken to learn more.  The festivities began with the bride and groom in separate rooms.  Shari was seated on a regal chair with her mother by her side and room full of joyful guests.  Craig was in another room celebrating with the men and signing the Ketubah.  After the Ketubah is signed musicians begin playing music and start the parade.  Everyone claps and sings together as Craig is joyfully paraded in to see his bride.  It is such a touching moment and always brings tears to my eyes.

Isn’t this moment just to die for?

The ceremony room and Chuppah were absolutely beautiful.  They chose beautiful golden, copper tones.  If you have ever been to our house you would know that we love orange.

I love this photo of Shari’s 4 sisters, her niece, and Craig’s two daughters.  The entire family was so happy for them and the day was filled with laughter.

There were so many beautiful portraits of the bride and groom after the ceremony.  It was so hard to choose which ones to give you a sneak peek of.  I basically had to just close my eyes and pick out two.  Both lovely moments that capture the old world feel of the streets in this neighborhood.

The last wedding I photographed I was pregnant.  It was quite freeing to not have to feel so protective of my body.  I thought to myself, OK, this is just me now, I can take some risks and not be such a wuss. That being said, the Horrah was wild!  This ladies Horrah was one of the craziest I have ever seen.  At one point I stood on a chair in the distance because I was afraid for my life in that circle.  I also didn’t want to knock any one out with my big old camera and elbows.  These women were so pumped up with adrenaline and joy that they were fearless!

Eric never has an issue fending for himself during the Horrah so I can’t speak for him but I know he was very excited about what he captured.  I chose to show this image of Craig and his dad because I remember the Horrah at my own wedding, a moment when it was just my mom and I in the middle of this circle of craziness.  It felt like we were together standing still, enjoying the moment, as the world spun crazy around us. 

I love this photo, Shari is holding on for dear life as Craig is casually enjoying the ride with a glass of water.

So once again, congratulations to Shari and Craig.  May your lives together be filled with two fold the love and happiness that I experienced on your wedding day.

Thank you for choosing Be Creative Photography!

Ceremony & Reception:  Bayards
Florist:  Flower Pot Florist
Stationary Designer:  Ann Fisher
Hair:  Shuki at Warren Tricomi Salon

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Baby Photography in Bergen County New Jersey

Aiden’s eyes melt mom and dad’s heart!

It was an absolute joy to photograph this family, we had a really wonderful time.

I must be really funny looking because Aiden was either giggling at me or checking me out like, “who the heck is this guy?”

Love his pensive look in the photo, so mature Aiden!

And probably my most favorite shot of the season!

Thanks for choosing Be Creative Photography!

Eric - Thanks everyone!
Alvaro, during this shoot I was using Canon, all different prime lenses.

Alvaro - What lens do you use? (:

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Bubbles and Giggles

I wanted to share these adorable images that Eric captured of our 3 month young baby Marlie.  For Marlie the world is so fresh and new.  Facial expressions, colors, textures, sounds all have her smiling and create an eye opening revelation of wonderment!   Discovering bubbles has rocked her world!  For us re-discovering the small joys of life through her has been a blessing that I never expected!  Oh happy days!

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your MMB

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kelly murphy - i see a eric’s smile in the first one and a brooke “look” in the second…the baby is gonna have the best photos on Earth!!! She is so insanely delicious and sweeeeettt!!!! and she’s such a good baby”)

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Upper Saddle River, NJ – Kids Photo Shoot with Be Creative

We absolutely adore these photos.  This little girl loved her bow and we can’t argue with accessorizing.

This image says to me “Mom and Dad I’ve got a hold on you”.  And isn’t that the truth for little girls!  How could a parent resist?

If I could draw a picture of what my childhood memories look and feel like, this would be it.  Laughter, whimsy, spinning with glee.  I am so excited to relive those days through our little girl, Marlie.

A sun-filled end to a beautiful day shooting with a happy, little girl and her parents.

Thank you for choosing Be Creative Photography!

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Eric - Thanks Everyone! This was a fun shoot on a beautiful day, at a wonderful location, with an adorable subject. Check Check and Check!

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Iris & Kevin’s un Wedding – Bryant Park Grill Restaurant, New York, NY

Iris and Kevin were one of my favorite couples of the year.  They are two of the nicest people you will ever meet, genuine and unique, and they have amazing pets.  This event was a CELEBRATION!  Iris and Kevin are madly in love, committed to eachother, and wanted to throw a monster party to celebrate their love with family and friends.  And best of all, part of doing a “celebration” instead of a wedding, is you make up the rules!!  Iris wore a BLUE DRESS, yes, you heard me right, a BLUE DRESSS!!!  It was stunning, I am thinking more people should be throwing “celebrations!  🙂

Iris’s mom was very sweet and very quiet.  I just loved during the getting ready when she helped Iris, a huge grin emerged.


Aren’t these two so cute together.  Great style, beautiful smiles and they go so well together!

Bryant park is such a great place for pictures!  When we set up the timeline together, we left plenty of time to walk around and explore.

What a great alternative to the traditional wedding band.  If you are a fan of tatoos check out Jess and Ralphs wedding from years ago.

Iris’ dress had such beautiful movement.  I shock myself noticing “movement” in dress, haha.  This is Brooke’s influence on me.  Must be all that Project Runway we’ve been watching.

The family started to gather at the front of the Bryant Park Restaurant, when we skooted by them everyone cheered with glee.

Her dress was so flowy, I had to get a great walking shot.

Iris and Kevins beloved children had their little shout out at the wedding too.  If we had Maggie at our wedding you better believe she would have plastered all over.  Heck, she probably would have been there with us.

This little boy deserves his own shoot.

I’m going to be posting more pictures like this on the blog.  It’s a very simple picture of Kevin’s mom.  But this is the kind of picture, after it’s all said and done, that has the greatest value.  How many people have a great picture of their mom laughing hysterically?  I wish I had one from my wedding.

They prepared a terrific sideshow, it was emotional and funny.  Loved it!

What characters!  Andrew Andrew were great!

I couldn’t help posting this, too funny!

Their friend put on an amazing performance.  At one point he was playing multiple instruments at once, very entertaining and it sounded great.

Below is the email we received from Iris and Kevin a few days after I delivered their pictures.  Iris Kevin, thank you for choosing Be Creative Photography, and thank you for taking the time to send the email below, it means way more then you can imagine!


Hi Eric

WOW!!!  Kevin and I LOVE all the pictures and especially the slideshow!  We literally stayed up until 3 in the morning on Friday night looking through all of the pictures.  And fortuitously, my mom came into the city this weekend, and we showed her and my brother and sister in law all of the pictures last night as well, which of course, they all loved.  Everyone has been highly impressed with the artistry and as well as the quality of the pictures and the speed with which you managed to turn them around.  I loved the beautiful pictures that you got as well, of our beloved cat and dog, even the one of them in the same shot! (the cat really seems to hate the dog as the new interloper).  I also LOVED that you got pictures of all of the amazing food and dessert!  I didn’t get to eat hardly anything during the entire festivities, but heard rave reviews from all of our guests – it’s nice to have beautiful pictures of the food and the space as well, I might add, as part of the lasting images of the day.  We also love the pictures that you got of our awesome DJ duo – aren’t they such characters?  We are going to send them some of the pictures you took of them – I bet they would love to see them.

We have been so very happy that we found you for our special day – you approached our day with cheerful enthusiasm (despite the threatening rain, which fortunately held off!) and fresh creativity.  I was also impressed with how well you had scoped out the scenery and surroundings in advance, which added, I’m sure, to what was already a very long day.  Allen, your second shooter, was a pleasure to work with as well, so please extend to him our gratitude and thanks as well.  We are going to recom
mend you to all of our friends, and hope to be lucky enough to have future occasions for you to come do additional sessions for us.

Iris & Kevin


Reception Venue:  Bryant Park Grill Restaurant in New York City
DJ:  Andrew Andrew
Lighting and Decor:  Eclipse Entertainment
Hair & Makeup:  Butterfly Studio Stacey- Hair, Francesca-Makeup
Shoes:  Stuart Weitzman
Dress:  Oscar de la Renta
Assistant Shooter:  Allan Zepeda

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these shots and relive the entire day.

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Maggie + Snow + Frisbee = :)

Maggie LOVES the snow!  It’s hilarious, she gets crazy and so excited the second she touches snow.  First she dunks her whole head in the snow to make sure she has a couple nice icycles on her nose.  Then runs wild.  Give her a frisbee to chase and she is in heaven!

She attacks the frisbee with such gusto!
Only Maggie would enjoy snow up her nose.
After playing for half an hour, she was finally ready to pose for me for a second.

Maggie, be patient, baby Marlie will be your best friend in year +.

See tons more of Maggie adventures on our OLD BLOG, click on the category “Eric & Brooke’s Life

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F a c e b o o k