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Introducing Marlie Bea!

So where have we been? Oh, just having a baby is all!! Our daughter Marlie Bea Lagstein arrived on November 20, 2009. It was very surreal bringing a new family member home and realizing that our lives have changed forever. She has filled our home with more love than we could ever have imagined. We […]

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Photo Restoration - Beautiful and delicate images

Photography by Pshemek - I love last photo. It is beautiful. Great composition.

Jenny J - I have been waiting for this blog post and it is even better than I had imagined!

She's beautiful. Love the shot with sweet Maggie. They are going to be the best of friends. Congrats you two!

Ava Martinez - CONGRATULATIONS on your newest addition. I actually laughed and cried a bit reading your story. I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and cry at everything (not that your story wasn't heart felt) The last 2 images are absolutely breathtaking – LOVE them! Good luck with everything 🙂

josephbayot - What wonderful pictures and story! Congratulations you two! Marlie is going to have the best pictures to look back on when she is older! =)

Bubbles = Happiness

Happy Birthday to our niece Lauren who apparently looooves bubbles. If only bubbles made us all this happy! We had our family over yesterday for a combined Mother’s Day and Lauren’s Birthday celebration. Here are some pics that made us really happy. This little one, she is such a character! She talks 100 miles per […]

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Jenny J / PhotoJJ - this makes me smile inside.

our doggies have the same cut! simone became matted (it happened!) and we’re now on the buzz cut schedule. they’re overdue for a portrait session.

we also have the same color house (if that’s yours).

rachel - Ahh! the simplest things make them happy! For my almost-two-year-old niece, it’s my purse. Forget all her other toys!!! Beautiful pics! BTW, where did you get the bubble maker, I’d love to get one too!!!

New Hampshire Trip

Last weekend was our annual trip to New Hampshire to visit Justin, Lisa, and Coco. Coco and Maggie are the best of friends. These pictures don’t do them justice. They play for endless hours, wrestling, running, tug-o-war, sharing toys, and kissing each other. Their tails must be exhausted from all the happiness with each other. […]

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Jenny J - The sighs are so adorable. Simone is big on giving them when something isn’t going her way like when I moved her a few inches over on the couch last night.

Love Maggie and Coco in the back with their butts tilted to the same side and matching blue ID tags.

Playing with our new cameras!

Season 2009 HERE WE COME! WOO HOO! Can you tell we are refreshed or what? Friends of ours once said that Eric and I were like Ying and Yang. Which is true because while Eric and I are so different from each other we are also so much the same. We balance each other out […]

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Jenny J - ooh it is so tempting to spread the butter!!! would you reveal the iso those indoor evening images were shot at? i’m interested mainly for the low light performance. Robin has been getting into video lately and the more he learns about them, the more supportive he is of getting one. speaking of the vids, there are some new fun ones of the pups:

Cathy - Congrats! We LOVE our mkii’s too! (although we’re having trouble finding batteries for them). I’m so excited! Oh, and the whole mail thing…my husband is the exact same way. Cracks me up 🙂

Ulysses - Hey there, guys! I just wanted to post a quick CONGRATS on the arrival of your two new babies — I mean your two new cameras! LOL!

Remember to feed them, burp them, and clean them up once in a while. Other “parents” will be so jealous!

Love seeing your puppy, too. She’s gorgeous. We’re looking forward to catching up with you both real soon. Big hugs coming your way for both of you from myself and Jenni. We’ve missed you!

Joseph Bayot - Congratulations! I’ve heard so many good things about the 5DII’s. I’m saving up to go full frame myself =) Soon I hope! There will always be a special place in my heart for my trust 350D though =)

Happy New Year

Hello Everyone! We are back to work today after a very necessary little holiday. We spent some time with our families and then headed up to the Adirondacks for a beautiful, winter oasis. We feel so refreshed! So far we are loving 2009 and we hope you are too. We wanted to share our very […]

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Chung Nguyen - Maggie is super adorable (and yeah, oh so happy-go-lucky, too)!

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