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Jeannie & Dave’s Wedding- Bubbys

Congratulations to Jeannie and Dave! Jeannie and Dave were married at Bubby’s, a restaurant near the Brooklyn Bridge. This was an extra fun wedding for us, as Brooke worked with Jeannie and Dave before we started Be Creative Photography. Everyone had an amazing time dancing, talking, eating and celebrating. Jeannie and Dave were smiling and laughing the entire night! We were honored to shoot their wedding and wish them a lifelong of happiness!

Dave getting ready! Dave had more trouble outfitting himself for his wedding day then his bride! Can you imagine going to pick up your custom tailored suit a week before your wedding only to find a note on the door saying “We’re on Vacation for One Month – see you when we get back!” ARGH! Poor Dave. He quickly went to get another suit which happened to get torn while a friend was tailoring it quickly, yikes. And the third suit was successfully tailored just in time thanks to the hero, Jim Bacher!
The atmosphere at Bubby’s was perfect for Dave and Jeannie’s Brooklyn wedding.
The food was delicious!
After the ceremony we went outside for some bride and groom portraits.
This was one of my favorite moments, even though there were 100 people around them you could tell they felt they were the only ones in the room.

This is Dave’s best friend Wally giving a toast to the bride and groom.
The next few pictures were taken during the speeches.

Brooke used to work with this little guy’s father as well. This is a perfectly animated moment for the son of a comic writer and artist! Check out the comic of the very talented Trade Loeffler, Zip and Li’l Bit Funnies. Congratulations Trade!

This picture is of the old work crew. Notice Brooke on the far right!
The last shot at the end of the night!

We are so happy for you Jeannie and Dave! We’d like to give a little shout out to everyone who has gone on their own since working together at Scholastic.
So here it is, check out these amazing artists!

Dave, the groom, is an extremely talented web designer, flash programer, game designer and more. Check out his work at

Mo Riza was Brooke’s Creative Director and mentor for 4 years. Brooke is so fortunate to have had the chance to work for Mo. She’s learned so much and continues to be inspired by him today. You can see his work at a few different places:

Trade Loeffler, as mentioned earlier, is the creator of the online comic Zip and Li’l Bit.
Check it out here:

Nathan Gwirtz is a talented pottery artist and web designer. You can see his work at

Cabrinha - Awesome pictures. Had a blast that day. Thanks for posting these pics

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