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One Year Old Twin Photography Wyckoff, NJ

We had a wonderful photo shoot with two little angels who are turning one.

I just love this photo…. What’s better than remembering your two little monkeys climbing in your couch!

Love those chompers!  As the son of a dentist I can appreciate the wonders of a one year olds teeth coming in.  Our photo sessions are like play dates.  We show up all professional and before you know it we are rolling around on the floor making silly faces and singing songs with your children.  Mom called us after the shoot to thank us because these guys took a really long nap after we left.  Awesome!
This sequence is hilarious!!!  
BUSTED!  While we were capturing shots of her brother she snuck off and got into some mischief.  

Thank you for choosing Be Creative Photography.  We had a blast chasing your little ones around and capturing them in their one year old glory.  Happy Birthday sweet peas!

Sincerely, Brooke and Eric Lagstein

Be Creative Photography

Eric - Hi L.F. Thanks! We had so much fun with them. They both are big hams 🙂 Eric

L.F. - You 2 are incredible! You were so amazing with the twins (which isn’t easy!) and your shots are beautiful. I can’t stop staring @ the prints. Thank you SO much! 🙂

Marjie - The photos were priceless – I wonder who had more fun – the twins or the photographer? Is this just an excuse to hangout and play with little kids? Are you really a kid at heart?

Joseph Kohn - The toilet paper shot is priceless!


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