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Alison & Eric’s Wedding – Rockleigh Country Club in Rockleigh, NJ

From Jen and John – to Meghan and Nate – to Ali and Eric;  a lovely train of referrals from one wonderful wedding to the next.  Thank you to all the friends and families that have been a part of all three of these weddings.  We’ve grown to know and love each and every one of you.

While Ali was getting ready there were some looming clouds above which caused a bit of stress.  I love how Ali’s little cousin is massaging her as the makeup artist is styling her.  Everyone loves to help a bride!

Ali is a very talented seamstress, she was able to work on her own dress as well as all the girls.  I love this image because it is so Ali.  I want to thank Ali for re-upholstering the cushions of the glider we have in the babies room.  She did such an awesome job!  If anyone needs any sewing projects taken care of, Ali is your girl, contacts us and we can give you her contact info.
This is Megan – Ali’s cousin and one of our brides from a few years ago.  She is holding up the issue of (201) Magazine that her wedding was published in.  I was shocked when I saw her because believe it or not we did not even know that her wedding was published!  I submitted the images but never heard wether or not they made it in.  Megan knew I would be here so she brought it along to show me, Yippee! 
Gotta love this shirt that the Best Man was wearing.  Of course Ali made the BM patch for Best Man – what a fun touch.  While the guys were playing horseshoe the girls were getting their hair and makeup done.  Don’t you wish we girls could all get ready as quickly as guys.
I love this shot by Eric.  Each of the guys is hastily getting themselves dressed.  Notice how Eric, the groom, knocked the light and almost broke it!!  lol
We always synchronize our cameras so that the photos are consecutive which is great for story telling purposes as well as making our job of editing easier.  We love to see the timeline of the “getting ready” photos.  Usually the girls are getting ready for hours and the boys are still just sitting around, watching tv, playing games, or sometimes still sleeping.  On this day Ali and Eric were putting their shoes on at the exact same moment.
A beautiful moment of Ali fluffing her veil right before she walked down the aisle.
One photographer is always in the front at the alter ready to capture the front of the bride coming down the aisle.  The other is always in the back with the bride catching the quiet moments before she walks down the aisle and then (Brooke’s Favorite) the back of the dress going down the aisle.  This day was especially wonderful because the guests all had terrific reactions.
The first time we photographed at this church Brooke was kicked out of the balcony area.  She still got a great shot and wouldn’t you know, they had no problem letting her up there this time.  They didn’t realize how beautiful their church was from this vantage point.  Now they know and it’s so nice to have a view of the full scene.
It’s official!
Eric and Ali are very involved with their church and the youth group.  It was important for Eric to capture a shot of all his groomsmen with the church as the backdrop.  The timeline was very tight, but I was really pleased to see the photo come together.
This is one of our favorites, the party bus is always a good time.
Ali and Eric followed the latest trend with a choreographed first dance.  My favorite part of this image is Ali’s shoe so perfectly pointed up.
Brooke recently won an award for this father – daughter dance image.
Eric and his brothers dancing with Mom. 

Nice Air!

Below is the amazing letter we received from Eric & Ali…


Dear Brooke and Eric,

As a photographer myself and my wife being in the Art industry, we had a keen sense of what we were looking for in our wedding pictures. We wanted our pictures to reflect our love of art and fine photography and we can easily say that you delivered!

Your use of light, depth of field, and unique camera angles provided the artistic look we were looking for and your incredible feel for emotion and deep understanding of the way weddings flow provided the photojournalistic coverage we wanted. Your pictures accurately reflect every part of our day from the relaxed chill session I had with my guys before we got dressed, to the tense and harried emotions that permeated my wife’s home as the sky’s opened up and the rains began to fall, to the still and silent moments we were able to spend together in each other’s arms blocking out the world around us.

One of our favorite aspects of your business is the hands-on, personalized experience that each one of your customers gets from you. From day one, we knew you would be the perfect photographers for us. You spent your time explaining the whole process to us and made us feel completely comfortable with you. You answered all of our questions and helped us to plan out our day. You let us know when we were being unrealistic in our expectations and yet pushed us to think creatively. Your guidance and advice were most certainly a significant help in our planning and without you, we undoubtedly would not have been able to enjoy our day as much as we did. You calmed Ali when she began getting upset about the weather and laughed with us when our priest forgot how to conduct our personalized ring ceremony! Hiring you not only provided excellent pictures, but also the peace of mind to sit back, relax, and enjoy our day. We started our relationship as professionals, but I feel that we ended as friends.

We loved working with you on developing ideas for our pictures before the wedding, allowing you to guide us through the day itself, and working with you to develop an unbelievably beautiful album. We can not thank you enough! We look forward to recommending you to everyone we know and hiring you again to take pictures for us in the future. You’re the best!

All our love,
Eric & Alison Erler


Thank you Ali and Eric, family and friends!  We always have the greatest time with you all. Best Wishes from Be Creative Photography!

Ceremony:  St. Paul’s R.C. Church
Reception:  Rockleigh Country Club
Band:  The Guthrie Brothers
Florist:  Peter’s Florist
Lighting:  Pro Sho Productions

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Brandon - Awesome bouquet shot! You nailed it. You do an awesome job capturing moments at weddings.

Tim Wild - You’ve taken beautiful photos, Alison & Eric look so happy and relaxed! I love that you told the story of the day, and you’ve done a great job with your lighting 🙂

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