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Bubbles = Happiness

Happy Birthday to our niece Lauren who apparently looooves bubbles. If only bubbles made us all this happy! We had our family over yesterday for a combined Mother’s Day and Lauren’s Birthday celebration. Here are some pics that made us really happy.

This little one, she is such a character! She talks 100 miles per minute and every little word out of her mouth will bring a smile to your face.

Our present for Lauren was her Princess themed birthday party and this little bubble maker that cost me $12. Only the best $12 ever spent!

Of course we can’t leave out our beloved puppy Maggie. This was her first time seeing bubbles, so first she investigated…

then started to sniff them, but they were exploding on her nose.

Finially she learned the fun of trying to eat them instead.

Jenny J / PhotoJJ - this makes me smile inside.

our doggies have the same cut! simone became matted (it happened!) and we’re now on the buzz cut schedule. they’re overdue for a portrait session.

we also have the same color house (if that’s yours).

rachel - Ahh! the simplest things make them happy! For my almost-two-year-old niece, it’s my purse. Forget all her other toys!!! Beautiful pics! BTW, where did you get the bubble maker, I’d love to get one too!!!

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