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    We are Brooke and Eric, husband and wife, the photographers, the passionate and fun loving team, the BE in Be Creative! Our job is to document the happiest moments of peoples lives. The purpose of this blog is to share some of our favorite images and acknowledge the wonderful people we get to meet. Eric was named one of the top photographers in the world by the WPJA and Brooke is also an international award-winner. But most importantly we love what we do, the people we get to know, and we hope it shows through our work. This blog is brand spanking new as of 2010. We have many years of work cataloged on our old blog too so please go take a peak.

Newborn Session Winners through Destination Maternity / Prenatal Yoga

Welcome sweet baby Emmett!  Emmett’s parents signed up for a newborn session after hearing about us through Destination Maternity in Paramus, NJ!  Congratulations on your precious little Emmett.  He is absolutely adorable!  We had such a good time with this family and really felt so connected to them since our own pregnancy and birthing experience was so fresh on our mind.  We shot the session at their house in the most unexpected little nook – otherwise known as their doggie Truman’s sleeping spot.  Who would have thought.

Now I have to give a little shout out to the wonderful classes available through Valley and Destination Maternity.  Brooke and Marlie absolutely love their yoga classes.  She took part in the prenatal yoga classes at Destination Maternity as well as the Mom and Baby Yoga at Destination Maternity and the Kraft Center.

We’d also like to give Jane Silane, Brooke’s yoga teacher, a special thank you for all her guidance throughout Brooke’s pregnancy and beyond.  She is such a wonderful yoga instructor and advisor!  Go take her classes, you won’t be disappointed.


Dallas Wedding Photographer - Beautiful images! Love everything about them!

Arkansas Wedding Photographer - Tonee Lawrence - oh what a sweetie! these are so perfect!

allan zepeda - sick!

Canon SALE!!! Everything must go!!

Well, after a lot of deliberation, I (Eric) am switching to Nikon.  It’s been a very tough decision, but for my shooting style it just makes sense.  Brooke, she will be staying with Canon (she claims Nikon cameras were designed for mens hands).  So we are a bi studio:) Yowzers!

All equipment are top quality optics, receiving yearly calibration.  Whenever I buy a lens, I buy three of them, test them and pick/keep the one that is the best optics, the rest get returned (yes I’m that crazy about sharpness).  Everything is in very good to perfect condition, some have with minor scuffs but all are working perfectly.

SOLD – Canon 5dmkII – $2100   (Excellent condition, includes box, strap, 2 canon batteries in excellent condition)
Canon 5d – $975  (Good condition, minor scuffs on the bottom of the camera in the corners, includes 3 batteries which are so-so condition)
Canon 5d – $975  (Good condition, minor scuffs on the bottom of the camera in the corners,includes 3 batteries which are so-so condition)

24-70 f/2.8 – $1050    (Good Condition, includes hood and caps)
SOLD – 70-200 f/2.8 IS – $1650    (Very Good Condition, includes hood and caps)
70-200 f/4 IS – $975  (Very Good Condition, includes hood and caps)
70-200 f/4 – $550 (Very good condition, includes caps and probably a hood, I have to find the box)
85mm f/1.2 – $1650    (Very Good Condition, includes hood and caps.  This is my baby, very sharp!)
SOLD – 50mm f/1.4 – $275    (Good Condition, includes caps)
SOLD – 45mm f/2.8 – $1050 Tilt Shift  (Excellent Condition, bought 6 months ago, includes hood and caps)
SOLD - 35mm f/1.4 – $1150  (Excellent Condition, includes hood and caps)
SOLD – 15mm f/2.8 – $450 (Very Good Condition, includes caps)

580exII Speedlight – $395
SOLD – 580ex  Speedlight – $195
SOLD – 580ex  Speedlight – $195

Contact me with questions or to purchase:  eric (at) becreativephotography (dot) com

Olimpia - sigh, I dream of being a photog

Rammal - Can you please let me know the details of 85mm 1.2? I would really want to buy it from you. :)


Steve - Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer - Oh man, I want them all!!! It always makes me a little nervous when I see people switching to Nikon. I just recently invested in a Canon 5DII and 24-70, but posts like this make me wonder if I would have been better of going Nikon…

Eric - Hi Guys,

I switched because I found Canon focus to be a little hit and miss, as well as generally I found Canon to have quality control issues. With Canon I felt like I always had to be on my toes watching closely to make sure something wasn’t acting funky.

With Nikon, I really trust my equipment, I trust is will focus well. Which allows me as an artist to push myself. I can shoot wide open and know I’m going to nail the shot. Where with Canon I would be safe and choose a higher f/stop then I would desire artistically.

Beatrice de Guigne - Oh! Why do you change?
Just want to say you do an amazing work and Nikon or Canon it’s not important. you’ve got talent!

Carl Simpson - Ugg, boy I would love that 85mm… and that 50. I have the cheapo 1.8. Nice set of lenses here.

Ben - hey eric, my business partner shoots canon, and i’m nikon. But looking forward to switch to canon coz i think it will be easier for both. Although I really like the ergonomics of nikon. What is it that makes you want to switch to nikon? Is it the fast focusing in low light and good controls/buttons outside?

Alyssa Andrew - Interested in the 85 if you still have it! Let me know

ebphoto | photographe Bruxelles - Darn, too bad it’s so late. I was interested in a few of your lenses. Funny though, I also want to switch to Nikon but my wife/partner/second shooter doesn’t want to. I’m hoping for a wonderful 1DsmkIV by the end of the year, otherwise, a D3s (or even D700) would be VERY tempting.

Nirav - Dang it! I wanted to 5D Mark 2. Haha.

Joseph Bayot - Ah, I really wish I had some extra money lying around. I would LOVE to finally upgrade my 4-year-old Rebel XT to the 5D2 (or even the 5D classic…)

By the time I save up enough money, the 5D3 will probably be out!

Good luck with the sales!

Jenny J - So tempting! Arrrrrrrghhh. I want it all.

Sarah & Andy’s Wedding at Oheka Castle

Here are a couple photos that jumped out at me as I was working on Sarah and Andy’s wedding.

Sarah and Andy had an amazing wedding at the Oheka Castle.  Oheka is one of my favorite venues on the planet, I could shoot there for days!

(to see more Oheka Castle photos, click here to see Crystal and Chang’s wedding.)

I just LOOOOOVE this photo…. my 45 tilt shift lens has a dreamy effect on this image

Classic, fun and beautiful, thess two are madly in love and it shows!!
(I also have to give huge props to Sarah for not blinking for a second when I asked her to sit in her dresss.  Sarah kicks A**!)
Sarah and Andy held the dinner outside on the castle lawn (look carefully, you can see the tables).  I don’t think you can ask for more, an amazing couple, lively guests, the most gorgeous castle, and weather to make you feel like you are on vacation.

I’m looking forward to showing you more pictures soon!

Sincerely, Be Creative Photography

TDH Photography - Syracuse Wedding Photographer - Awesome work. These images are very inspirational.

Allen - Beautiful wedding images Eric, I love the bouquet and the one of the bridal couple on the road between the hedges.

allan zepeda - there should be a “really like this” button! :)

Chris - Stunning work as always! I’m sure the happy couple will be pleased with these.

Juli - Beautiful photos of the bride and groom !! Love the reflection image !!

Dorothy - Gorgeous, just absolutely gorgeous! I’d want to shoot there for days too!

Alice - NYC wedding photographers - Amazing work and beautiful photos. I love the one of the newlyweds are sitting between the hedge rows.

Martin Roe - Wow, these shots are pure class!, beautiful work.

Carl Simpson - Love the shot of them sitting in the driveway.

John Shim - Beautiful! Love the reflection shot.

Jimmy - Nice use of tilt shift. I’m so over the little people effect. Really nice shot in the hedge row too.

Designer Scarves - I just found your blog, and I like it very much! I like this set, the reflections are very good!

Nirav - Beautiful shots! Lovin’ it.

Joseph Bayot - I love how clean and timeless these are. My favorite kind of wedding photos.

These will “wow” your clients now, and they will “wow” their grandchildren 60 years from now. =)

Snap Happy

Poor lonely blog, taking a backseat to everyone and everything:(

Putting together a blog post is a tremendous amount of creative energy and work.  Because of this, it often gets pushed off.

That said, everyday, we are working on photos and have to yell out to everyone in the office “this is a sweet photo, we need to blog this”… but usually never do:(

So from now on, we are going to post single photos whenever the heck we want!  So here we go:)

Photo from Clare and John’s backyard wedding in Princeton, NJ.  This was shot in their BACKYARD!!  Yummy!

Audra Colpitts - What a perfect spot for a wedding. Backyard weddings are probably my favourites! I have quite a few on my site as well. :)

Cheers from Vancouver, BC!

Audra Colpitts - What a perfect spot for a wedding. Backyard weddings are probably my favourites! I have quite a few on my site as well. :)

Cheers from Vancouver, BC!

Tim Wild - Awesome photo, I love the tilt shift effect! What a great back yard too!

Eric - Christine… no more pressure of these huge full posts!! yes!
Sarah, this is the bride’s backyard where she grew up… amazing isn’t it!

Sarah Ward - Looks like the clearing in Twilight! BEAUTIFUL!! I want to live there :)

Christine DeSavino - Love it! And love the post…I totally hear ya!

Marlie on our Anniversary Picnic – West Park Winery

Eric and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary!  We didn’t want to do anything crazy.  We just wanted to spend the day appreciating all the little and big things that we have done together over the past 5 years.  This year we are especially grateful for our daughter, the cutest, most smiley, gleeful little girl in the world.  We woke up feeling very nostalgic.  So we jumped in the car and headed up to West Park Winery for a little picnic on the hilltop where we got married.  It was blazing hot, much like our wedding day.  We both tried so hard to pretend that this was uber romantic and such an amazing moment. Which it was.  But there was no hiding the feeling that you walked into a sauna with a snow suit on. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day to take a drive with the AC on full blast and recap our wedding highlights.  We also spent the day watching Marlie TV – which basically means we sat on the floor watching her every move for hours, never getting bored of her entertainment.  She’s a hoot – clapping, waving, saying dada, screeching at the highest octave possible, and she does the wounded soldier crawl now too. Marlie’s about 7.5 months in these shots, loving every minute of life, and making our world super special.

Jonathan Ivy - Adorable, love the colors.

Mark - Aww, cute! What a happy kid. :)

Brent Frey Jr. - And I thought the hand jesture in Pic II meant “Surf’s up Dude”. or even Hook em’ Horns, that is a University of Texas Long Horns rally cry. Either way she is too cool for words!

Lisa - You do realize that little smartie is saying “I love you” in sign language in that second pic. Love these! Love her!

Katie - Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful and happy family! xoxo

Heather - Absolutely adorable. I love Marlie’s dress. You guys never cease to amaze me.

Jessica - Congrats guys! It’s awesome to see people who love their family as much as you and Brooke Obviously do. Next time we are in NY we have to meet up.

Jenny J - Happy Anniversary!!!! Love the Marlie TV comment – sometimes we say the same thing about the dogs. Endless entertainment, wonder and comedy. Congrats you two (or three. four including Maggie!)!

Eric - Thanks Everyone. Lauren, we always encourage our clients to dress their kids in colorful outfits. Hopefully these prove our point. Color adds so much character and life to the images.

Karla (Lisa's Friend) - marlie is so lucky. she’ll have so many beautiful photos to look back to.

congratulations on your 5th anniversary, brooke and eric. you don’t know me but lisa has shared so many photos and stories of your family with all of us at work.

Chump - Haha! Marlie knows sign language (see her left hand in the second picture)! She’s way advanced!

Lauren - What beautiful pictures! Marlie looks so adorable. I love the colors of that dress and those eyes! Can’t wait to see you very soon. Xo

Chump - Marlie, Marlie, Marlie! I’m speechless. Just…speechless. (Sniff)

lisa - What a beautiful baby!! Just like 1+1=2 , Eric + Brooke = MARLIE! She is a gem- you guys deserve all this happiness and to see your talent capture these moments is simply breathtaking. Thank you for sharing these photos- even without your comments, your images speak the words. LOVE THEM!!

Justin - Great pictures – Marlie B looks fantastic in her rainbow dress – she is developing allot of expretions which you really captured.

Eric - Thanks Joseph!

Joseph Bayot - Congratulations!

Your marriage, your story, your daughter, and these photos are all beautiful.

Thanks for sharing!

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