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    We are Brooke and Eric, husband and wife, the photographers, the passionate and fun loving team, the BE in Be Creative! Our job is to document the happiest moments of peoples lives. The purpose of this blog is to share some of our favorite images and acknowledge the wonderful people we get to meet. Eric was named one of the top photographers in the world by the WPJA and Brooke is also an international award-winner. But most importantly we love what we do, the people we get to know, and we hope it shows through our work. This blog is brand spanking new as of 2010. We have many years of work cataloged on our old blog too so please go take a peak.

Random Photos

Our poor blog has taken a backseat to life over the last few months. ¬†To make up for it, here are a bunch of random delicous images…

Fernanda Ferraro - Hii! Stunning! Lovely job! ūüôā Fantastic!
Kisses from Brazil. I`m a brazilian wedding photographer.

Seattle Professional Portrait Photographer - Great captures. I love the B&W shot of the bride looking out the window. Excellent shot. You have an excellent eye! Good work and thank you for sharing.


bryan - love the hena shots. such wonderful colors

Half-Pint Photography - Gorgeous photos. Wish I knew about you when I got married. I can’t even pick a favorite!

Clay Toporski Photography - Great selection of shots. Loved them all. Particularly the shot of the wedding dress getting tied and the black and white of the bride in the window. Thanks for sharing!

Krzysztof Mazurkiewicz fotografia - Very nice:)

Denver Wedding Photographer | Eli Powell - Awesome! So much good stuff here, you’ve been holding out! Love the tilt shift reflection and all the moments!

Kevin - Hi,

I have no word to describe your blog.

I guess I need to find a new word to describe your pictures.

They are just beautiful.

Among all the pictures, I really liked the Indian wedding click. I have heard that Indian weddings are very colorful.

Are these pictures available in form of Postcards?

Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures!

Jenny J - YES! I really missed seeing new work from you two. Now if I can only get some Maggie & Marlie action!

Sabrina - Wow, wow, wow, what a collection of images. I would love if I has the ability to take just one of these photos.

Beautiful Baby – Newborn Photography, New Jersey

I’ve been dying to blog this session from a while back. ¬†Loved this family and sweet baby girl!

Thank you for choosing Be Creative Photography and Happy Holidays!

Bill Baker - Lovely tender and beautiful pictures of this sweet baby. Everyone looks so natural.

Ruth Silver -- Chicago Wedding Photographer - Such a gorgeous little newborn! Beautiful family portraits and session.

ebphoto | Photographe Mariage Bruxelles - Beautiful baby girl indeed. My favorites from this set aer N¬į3,4,5 and the last one. So cute! Your work is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Courtney - Thank you for capturing our two-week-old sweet baby girl. We will treasure these pictures forever.

Aunt Jenn - Beautiful photographs and a beautiful and beautiful family!

Toddler Photo Session: Bergen County NJ

Ok so this was a first – Eric took the first few photos in our YARD! ¬†Wow, who knew our neglected backyard would be so beautiful. ¬†Aiden and his parents were return clients from last year and that always makes us so happy. ¬†Although, I cannot believe that the baby we photographed last year has turned into this sweet little boy so quickly. ¬†I can’t imagine Marlie toddling around in such a short time. ¬†But it’s bound to happen I suppose. ¬†Thank you to our lovely clients who see the value in our photography and enjoy coming back to us year after year. ¬†With much gratitude, Brooke and Eric! Be Creative Photography

Bill Baker - Really beautiful moments with this little guy. And you captured him so sharply! He looks like he was active and you got him well.

Welcome Shannon! Newborn photo session in Bergen County

When baby Shannon was born I was busting at the seams to get over to my friends to meet her. ¬†Afterall, she is the newest member of our hood and Marlie’s future bff. ¬†I was able to meet her today – 7 days old and so precious I could melt. ¬†I didn’t tell mom and dad that I was bringing my camera. ¬†I didn’t want them to feel any pressure to dress up, clean the house etc. ¬†I’m so happy with this impromptu photo session! ¬†What a perfect little subject. ¬†Congratulations Sean and Liz! ¬†Shannon is one special, little girl.

Harry Who - Lovely pictures. Can’t get enough of those sleeping baby pictures. So cute.

Ruth Silver - Such a beautiful family! You did an amazing job with the portrait session. What a cutie!

Deedra & Dennis Dowling - What a precious little angel! Congratulations again.

Barbara Buckles - What great pictures and what a BEAUTIFUL Family

Newborn photography in the city!

Virginia and Charles – once a wedding couple, now a family portrait couple. ¬†Here’s their little bundle of joy, dreaming happy thoughts in the big city.

I was searching for their wedding photos on all of our servers but they have long since been archived so no luck.  I did find this jem of Virginia getting ready that landed Eric a first place award with the WPJA!

Michael - Hehe..what a great facial expression…Great capture & thanks for sharing.

Harry Who - That’s the definition of cuteness. ūüôā

Philip Hawkins - Adorable face! I love that back lighting too! Great image!

Dorothy Snyder - This is absolutely DARLING! I just love how you managed to catch the little smile! Too too precious!

Corne Lategan - This is such a stunning image of this newborn. So hapy and peaceful.

Dorothy - LOVE! Really beautiful photo! ūüôā

Carol Darby - That photo is just precious. You can’t help but wonder what he is dreaming about. That grin is amazing in such a young baby. Well captured.

Eric Hoffland - Are you tickeling him off camera? Unbelievable smile on that precious baby.

Paul Mozell - Oh, that smile kills me! ūüôā

Alyssa Andrew - Adorable photo!

Lew - That has got to be the CUTEST baby photo I’ve ever seen! OMG you can’t help but grin along! Very sweet image!

Newborn Session Winners through Destination Maternity / Prenatal Yoga

Welcome sweet baby Emmett! ¬†Emmett’s parents signed up for a newborn session after hearing about us through¬†Destination Maternity in Paramus, NJ! ¬†Congratulations on your precious little Emmett. ¬†He is absolutely adorable! ¬†We had such a good time with this family and really felt so connected to them since our own pregnancy and birthing experience was so fresh on our mind. ¬†We shot the session at their house in the most unexpected little nook – otherwise known as their doggie Truman’s sleeping spot. ¬†Who would have thought.

Now I have to give a little shout out to the wonderful classes available through Valley and Destination Maternity.  Brooke and Marlie absolutely love their yoga classes.  She took part in the prenatal yoga classes at Destination Maternity as well as the Mom and Baby Yoga at Destination Maternity and the Kraft Center.

We’d also like to give¬†Jane Silane, Brooke’s yoga teacher,¬†a special thank you for all her guidance throughout Brooke’s pregnancy and beyond. ¬†She is such a wonderful¬†yoga instructor and advisor! ¬†Go take her classes, you won’t be disappointed.


Dallas Wedding Photographer - Beautiful images! Love everything about them!

Arkansas Wedding Photographer - Tonee Lawrence - oh what a sweetie! these are so perfect!

allan zepeda - sick!

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